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The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board will create, and continue to improve, an innovative and quality strategic direction for the regional workforce development system.


Northwest Wisconsin will have a system that employers, workers, job seekers, and taxpayers will value as the system of choice for their workforce development needs.

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The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board (NWWIB) is a regional body charged with oversight of the Wisconsin Job Centers and the employment and training programs that comprise the workforce development system in 10 counties of northwest Wisconsin: Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Price, Iron, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, and Washburn. The board, comprised of business leaders and workforce development professionals, is the regional body who governs the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and is committed to creating a competitive workforce that meets the changing needs of the citizens and businesses of our area.

The NWWIB uses a "one-stop shopping" approach to addressing workforce development issues. The board cuts across the disciplines of economic development, education, and employment and training programs. The board understands that coordination of the disciplines is absolutely necessary to create a systemic delivery of services. Committees are in place to ensure that all critical elements of workforce development have a strong regional voice.


Ashland Job Center
422 3rd Street West, Suite 200
Ashland, WI 54806
Tel: 715.682.9141

Park Falls Job Center
City Hall, 400 South 4th Avenue
Park Falls, WI 54552
Tel: 715.762.2477

Phillips Job Center
North Central Technical College
1408 Pine Ridge Road
Phillips, WI 54555
Tel: 715.339.4555

Spooner Job Center
522 Service Road
Spooner, WI 54801
Tel: 715.635.2175

Superior Job Center
1805 North 14th Street
Superior, WI 54880
Tel: 715.392.7800

*Additional Outreach Centers are located in Hayward, Lac Courte Oreilles, Ladysmith, and Medford. Hours and times can be found here.




The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board is pleased to present our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, which sets our strategic priorities and guides our efforts to strengthen the region's workforce for the next coming years. The Strategic Directions and Development Committee members performed an extensive review of data and labor market information to identify key issues, questions and priorities to be addressed as part of the strategic plan. The development of the strategic plan also included significant input gathered from business, community partners, and stakeholders at regional events, including the 2015 E3 Summit and the 2016 RIsE3 Summit. This document and accompanying performance chart is the result an inclusive and collaborative process that seeks to address the predominant workforce issues identified in northwest Wisconsin.


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The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board (NWWIB) provides regional employers with services through NWWIB's Sector and Stratgies Coordinator and the Regional Business Services Team. Services focus on developing solutions that meet the current and future needs of a demand-driven workforce system. The NWWIB and Wisconsin Job Center demonstrate the benefits of results-focused leadership, accountability, and collective impact by maximizing local workforce resources and collaborating with businesses and government. While some organizations shy away from working with government, the NWWIB helps bring the public and private sectors together to achieve optimal utilization of regional workforce resources and reduce duplication of services/overlap. For local job seekers and employers, these strategies ultimately help strengthen our local talent pipeline and promote business retention and expansion. Our Job Centers provides local businesses with easy access to workforce development resources. Contact our Business Services Team to get started.


Sector Partnerships



Defined as : “Focused, active partnerships among businesses in a target industry sector and workforce development organizations, educators, training providers, labor unions, community organizations, and other key stakeholders”

Working together, these regional collaborations identify industry needs for workers with specific skills, education, and credentials, and then make sure that educational and training opportunities are available to help people gain those skills and meet employer needs. Workforce Investment Boards  act as the convener, bringing together these stakeholders and facilitating the process of industry leaders articulating their workforce needs.

Once these stakeholders come together, they create “Sector Strategies,” which are defined as:

“Goals, plans of action, policies, and service delivery strategies developed and continuously re-examined by sector partnerships to meet the ongoing and changing needs of employers within that sector.”

Championed by Workforce Development Boards, but “driven” by employers, Sector Strategies are regional in scope and industry specific.


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Looking for a new job is a challenging experience. Our network of workforce professionals are available to assist you in your job search and help coach you to success. Whether you are unemployed, laid-off, or you are looking for a new job, the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board can be of help. We administer workforce and career development services to residents in a ten-county region in northwest Wisconsin. Through our network of partners, job seekers can access services that enable them to gain and retain employment, access high-demand job opportunities, enroll in educational and training programs, and utilize the American Job Center System. Read more about what is available to Job Seekers.