As we move forward in this new era of workforce development under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, our focus will remain on excellence and continuing to achieve high impact, quality outcomes that serve the needs of the workforce and employers. The NWWIB has been working to strength the current and future workforce of northwest Wisconsin in order to increase and expand economic development activities within the region through many regional collaborative efforts.

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Building off of the success of the 2015 E3 Summit: Employment, Education & Economic Development and the three Regional Insights on the Economy in Northwest Wisconsin (RIsE) sessions, the RIsE3 Summit used the input collected from both events to begin working on innovative strategies and potential solutions to enhance workforce and economic development growth. This summit brought together regional leaders in employment, education, and economic development. The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board thanks all the leaders who participated in the summit and looks forward to continued collaboration! Plans have already begun for next year’s summit.


Regional Insights on the Economy in Northwest Wisconsin (RIsE) sessions provided attendees with an overview of the economic status and trends as well as the opportunity to participate in a facilitated discussion regarding economic, workforce, and education concerns throughout the region. These sessions were hosted in partnership by Visions Northwest, the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, and the Northwest Wisconsin Educators for Regional Development.

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