Sector Partnerships



Defined as : “Focused, active partnerships among businesses in a target industry sector and workforce development organizations, educators, training providers, labor unions, community organizations, and other key stakeholders”

Working together, these regional collaborations identify industry needs for workers with specific skills, education, and credentials, and then make sure that educational and training opportunities are available to help people gain those skills and meet employer needs. Workforce Investment Boards  act as the convener, bringing together these stakeholders and facilitating the process of industry leaders articulating their workforce needs.

Once these stakeholders come together, they create “Sector Strategies,” which are defined as:

“Goals, plans of action, policies, and service delivery strategies developed and continuously re-examined by sector partnerships to meet the ongoing and changing needs of employers within that sector.”

Championed by Workforce Development Boards, but “driven” by employers, Sector Strategies are regional in scope and industry specific.