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The Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board has implemented a targeted, high-demand industry sector approach to the local workforce system. Through this approach, the NWWIB has focused on our Return on Investment and continuous quality improvement. During the last year’s program year, 14,725 individuals visited our regional job centers and received job search assistance. Over 90% of those who participated in Adult and Dislocated Worker services have kept a job for at least 6 months. Specifically, training services were conducted in the career fields of Healthcare Practitioners and Technical, Healthcare Support, Production, and Office and Administrative Support. For Program Year 2015, we exceeded four of our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act performance measures. Through regional collaboration events, the NWWIB is acting as the region’s convener in order to find and assist in implementing solutions to continue bridging the gap between workforce supply and demand.



On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a win-win for both employers and job seekers. OJT reimburses employers for the costs associated with training a new employee and also helps job seekers gain skills while earning a wage. Other OJT employer benefits include workforce specialists designing hands-on training plans customized to meet your needs as well as having the option to select from our pool of qualified applicants to fill your job opening. To qualify for the OJT program, the job opening must be for a full-time position (32+ hours/week), pay a minimum of $10 per hour, be year-round (no seasonal positions), and not require a license (i. e. real estate, nursing, etc.).


Customized training is training that is designed and conducted to meet the special requirements of an employer or industry sector. Continuous training and worker development keeps your employees on the cutting edge of industry developments. Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your business hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry. The NWWIB can help your business save on training costs by connecting you with other businesses in your area that have a shared demand for similar training needs. 


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Industry sector partnerships are a great way to connect and collaborate with education, labor, workforce agencies, economic development entities, community organizations, and other stakeholders to help employers compete in today’s growing economy. Industry sector partnership opportunities are available in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, among others. These partnerships provide a mechanism for employers in an industry sector to connect with each other, identify shared needs, and work with partners to design new approaches that will solve the identified problems.


The Wisconsin Fast Forward program encourages employers to develop customized, skilled, and semi-skilled labor solutions. The Wisconsin Fast Forward program was signed into law in March 2013 and makes worker training grant funds available statewide for employers of all sizes and in various industries. Grant applicants can be a single business, a consortium of businesses, or a business/businesses in partnership with local workforce development boards and/or economic development organizations. Applicants may want to consider engaging local workforce and economic development organizations to develop a consortium.